Ben Bedford

2018 Kerrville New Folk Winner

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The new album, The Hermit's Spyglass, was recorded in March of this year with David Cain at Umedia in Springfield, Illinois. The recording features 11 tracks of brand new material. 6 are songs and 5 are instrumentals. The Hermit's Spyglass is a magical prairie journey with Ben and Darwin the cat! We hope you'll join us! Pre-order and buy your very own copy now! The official North American release will be around Sept 1! The European release will be Sept 14!

Artwork by Kristin Diehl. Design by Cayti Costello.

Butterchine Music ©2016

Butterchine Music

1. The Pilot and the Flying Machine: Part 1
2. Letters from the Earth
3. High and Low
4. The Fox
5. The Voyage of John and Emma
6. Blood on Missouri
7. Orrery
8. Scioto
9. The Pilot and the Flying Machine: Part 2
10. PrairyErth
11. Long Blue Hills

Butterchine Music © 2012

Butterchine Music
© 2012

  1. John the Baptist
  2. What We Lost
  3. Cahokia
  4. Vachel
  5. Fallen
  6. Empty Sky
  7. Fire in his Bones
  8. Cloudless
  9. The Ballad of Harlington Wood
  10. Guinevere is Sleeping

  1. Twenty One
  2. The Cherry Mine
  3. You're the Weather
  4. The Sangamon
  5. Mother Jones on the line
  6. Ten Paces
  7. Amelia
  8. Land of the Shadows (For Emmett Till)
  9. One Night at a Time
  10. Fisher's Hill
  11. As Long as Your Eyes are Blue
Butterchine Music © 2009

Butterchine Music
© 2009

Butterchine Music © 2007

Butterchine Music
© 2007

  1. Virginia Girls
  2. The Only Story
  3. Harley Albright
  4. Goodbye Jack
  5. Lincoln's Man
  6. Migrant Mother
  7. Black as Coal
  8. Crimson Daydreams
  9. Annabelle #2
  10. Dark Highway


Named one of the “50 most significant Folk singer-songwriters of the past 50 years” by Rich Warren of WFMT-Chicago along with others such as Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt, Anais Mitchell and John Prine.

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